The Gastronomy of Puglia

Puglia, the spur and heel of the Italian boot, has been an agricultural region for millennia and is famed for its superb traditional cuisine, its dishes rated among the best in Italy. We use fresh, natural ingredients in a perfect balance of produce from the sea and our fertile red earth. Influenced by rural, peasant traditions, Puglia’s cuisine is simple and yet has enormous variety, changing throughout the year according to what is in season. There is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, plenty of fresh seafood - eaten both raw and cooked - many different cereals used for a wide range of pasta and bread, as well as home grown herbs and spices. Puglia is also one of the leading producers of olive oil and wine in Italy. The region is especially well known for its latticini (dairy products) with a wide variety of cheeses including mozzarella, scarmorza, cacio cavallo, ricotta forte and the extraordinary burrata – an exquisite creamy cousin of mozzarella – which has to be eaten fresh. Other ingredients frequently found in Puglian cooking range from sweet tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, artichokes, turnip tops, chick peas, lentils ,broad beans, figs and almonds; to fresh meat such as lamb, beef or even donkey, cooked slowly, usually in a meaty tomato ragu, and seafood dishes such as stewed octopus, riso patate cozze combining rice, potatoes and mussels in an oven bake or risotto or spaghetti frutti di mare which smells and tastes of the nearby sea. The traditional pasta of the region, now becoming popular in restaurants across Europe is orecchiette “little ears”, typically served with turnip tops “rape”, a little tomato and anchovies. Also popular is fave e cicorie a broad bean puree accompanied by wild chicory or other fresh greens or peppers or red onion. Each time we visit our menus will change to reflect the different seasons and there will always be something different to tempt the taste buds, whether you prefer vegetarian, meat or seafood dishes. So join us each time to discover what makes Puglian cuisine some of the best not only in Italy, but in the world.

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