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  • Sustainability and Preserve

    We promote sustainable farming and preserve heritage food. We believe in brings people together and we are committed to using our business as a force for ethical cooking change.

  • 100% Local Farmers

    We love the skills, knowledge and love of local farmers to produce the highest quality organic extra virgin oil, organic tomato sauces and heirloom wheat pasta.

  • Authentic Italian Experience

    We craft italian products and partner with only the top local artisans, guaranteering a truly authentic italian experience. Our food products are sustainably produced for flavor and body while preserving the italian heritage.

  • Best Quality

    We have selected authentic italian food delicacies for You and guarantee the best quality. All our italian boxes are curated with love, passion and attention to let You live a real italian food experience.

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Products We Propose

Products We Propose

Box in Pasta We Trust

A selection of typical regional bronze-drown pasta formats. From the craft chain of wheat of Apulian Murgia, accompanied by organic tomato sauce of biodynamic cultivation to zero km. Complete the kit a can of aromatic basil oil and a chili one with which you can compose delicious and spicy flat pasta. We always suggest the cooking “al dente” and the addiction of original Italian Parmigiano Reggiano DOC.

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Products We Propose

Box a Table Affair

These beautiful handmade plates are versatile. Enjoy them as sharing cheese, olives, little finger food or fruit. The stained effect on ceramics is a simple decoration obtained by sprying the plates with typical mediterranean colors. Every Piece is unique and special. All Cooksincase ceramics are handmade. Although some products are readily available, the production lead time for pieces out of stock may vary. We'll keep you updated once your order is placed.

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Products We Propose

Box Rosso Pomodoro

Red as the passion we put in making a good pasta plate. Red, the colour of tomatoes that make tasty every plate of tradition. A selection of sauces and mixed condiments so that you can cook the product we selected for you. Without forgetting the excellence of Apulian Gold: the organic oil that will make your dishes an unforgettable experience.

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Products We Propose

Box Oil & C.

A box of Apulian treasures! A selection of olive oils and vegetables which are kept knowling in the same. Enjoy them with a simple slice of bread, they'll be a ray of sunshine on winter days and a fast snack on hot summer nights.

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Products We Propose

Box Aper-Oh

Waiting for aperitivo's time! Just a good glass of wine and a tasting of Apulian special vegetables accompanied whit typical "taralli" and mixed tapenades. Taste to share in company.

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Products We Propose

Box Aper-Oh Deluxe

Waiting for aperitivo's time! A glass of fine red wine "Primitivo di Manduria DOP Riserva" with an intense red color and a fruity taste. The box is completed by a selection of vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be enjoyed with Apulian taralli and friselle. Taste to share in company.

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We have specialized to selection of organic food/ products, produced by local farms all around the country.

This is essential for making ethical and sustainable decisions. Always consider where what you choose has been produced, its quality and the value of what you buy.


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